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For the first time in a month and a half, I had a change of scenery! November is my travel month, so this is just the first of a few trips that I have planned (no spoilers!) I had never been to Barcelona before, and I only had about a day and a half so this was a fast paced adventure. Seriously, I netted about 75,000 steps while I was there and my calves are still quite sore. Anyways, the first thing that was amazing was the weather. It was seventy degrees the entirety of my stay and I got to wear shorts for the first time since leaving home. Score!

Eyescream and Friends

After arriving and checking into my hostel, the very first place I went was Eyescream and Friends. I’ve been stalking this place on Instagram for over a year now, and knew I had to try it for myself. I had the strawberry ice cream with butterscotch and sour gummy bears. The ice cream is actually shaved, which gave it a texture that I’m not sure I loved, but it tasted good and if I lived in Barcelona I’m sure I’d go there like once a week.

Barcelona Art

Barcelona Fountain

My walk to ice cream took about twice as long as it should have because I kept veering off the route Citymapper gave me to look at cool pieces of art. That fountain is just casually in the middle of the sidewalk. How cool is that?

Barcelona Palm Trees

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Sandcastles

Barcelona Beach

Ice cream was a short walk away from the beach, so I popped over and walked along the coast. The moon was full, the sun was setting, and the view was incredible. And so were the sandcastles. I have no artistic talent so making a dragon sandcastle is equivalent to magic for me.

Barcelona Art

Barcelona Fountain

Barcelona Architecture

The coast was so pretty that I ended up walking up it for a few more miles before turning inland and walking home, making sure to admire all the art, architecture and amazing fountains along the way.

Picasso Museum

The next morning I went to the Picasso Museum, which is situated in the most beautiful Gothic style complex. And it was free for students! I really hit the jackpot!

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum

The paintings above were my favorites in the museum, and are probably similar to what most people think of when they think of typical Picasso. However, what struck me most about the museum was how versatile of an artist he was. Did you know he dabbled in ceramics for fifteen years?

Arc de Triomf

Barcelona Statue

Gothic Barcelona

The architecture was the best part of the whole trip. Walking under the Arc de Triomf kind of felt like breaking the tape after finishing a marathon or something. Also, I have been asking people for days and no one knows what that statue is pointing at!!

Nomad Coffee

I took a coffee break at Nomad Coffee for an iced oat milk latte and a matcha cookie. This was actually supposed to be my first stop of the day, but the location I tried to go to had a power outage so I walked to their other location instead. Oat milk is my new favorite thing to put in coffee. I usually put in nonfat milk because of how light the flavor is, but oat milk is an ever better pairing against the acidity of the espresso. The matcha cookie was amazing too.

La Boqueria

I also walked through La Boqueria, which is this crazy outdoor market. It’s so dense that even vendor is literally back-to-back with one another, and this stretches for rows and rows. I wanted to try something from everyone, but it was super crowded (the photo makes it look less crowded, but that’s because I walked all around until I finally had space to take a picture) and I was already pretty full.

Park Guell

Then, I made the trek to Park Guell, which had the most beautiful view of the city. It was definitely worth the forty-eight hills I had to scale to get there.


Barcelona Street Art

I ate some churros at Comaxurros and looked at some more street art. I swear I only wanted one churro but they were about to close so the lady was like: “no, have 6!!!” I then proceeded to eat them all.

La Fonda

When in Barcelona you gotta have some paella, and I had mine at La Fonda. At first glance it kinda looks like a plate of dirt and worms, but it’s black rice paella (colored with squid ink) with seafood! Yum!!

Barcelona Olympic Park


Barcelona Rainbow Railing

One of my favorite stops of the trip was the last place I visited: Olympic Park. It had a view so incredible I almost started crying. The picture doesn’t really do it justice because of the bright lights, but it was a once in a lifetime sensation. Also, what is it with Olympic grounds and weird abstract towers? Sculptures? I don’t even know what to call that thing in the second picture. The Olympic Park is adjacent to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, so I got to experience this rainbow railing on my walk out. It was the perfect farewell.

ALSO. I am quite happy I didn’t study abroad here because I probably would’ve been kicked out as I pronounced their language, which is Catalan (kinda like cat-a-lawn) as Cat + Italian – I the entire time. Sorry!!!!

Cookies Borough Market

This has nothing to do with Barcelona but I realized I forgot to say Happy Halloween so enjoy these festive cookies I got from Borough Market the day before I left!!! Hope your Halloween was great!

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