My ten minute stint as an Olympic athlete!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

While I’ve never been to the Olympics, watching on TV every four years is definitely a tradition for me. Though I enjoy the sports, mainly gymnastics, beach volleyball, tennis, and basketball, the opening and closing ceremonies are by far my favorite part. I love watching each country enter; it reminds us how diverse and amazing our world is. I had my own little Olympic procession around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park recently. Thankfully, I wasn’t in the actual Olympics because I got quite lost and definitely thought every new building I stumbled upon was the Olympic Stadium and the actual Olympic Stadium was the aquatic center (which makes zero sense because swimming is an indoor activity…I was quite tired.)

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Even though it was gloomy and drizzling, the park was still absolutely beautiful. Fall is the best time to be outdoors, in my opinion, as the leaves were starting to change colors which was a gorgeous contrast against the green grass.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park River

Something else that was green? The river. In Chicago, we dye the river green for St. Patrick’s Day, but it is October and this was more of a swampy green than a leprechaun green. It was quite a bizarre sight, and I hope the city takes care of this soon!

Olympic Stadium

Here is Olympic Stadium! All I could think about while walking around it was Mckayla Maroney’s vault from five years ago. I also tried to break in, but it didn’t work.

London Pastel Houses

On the walk back to the train I stumbled upon these pastel houses! They’re so cute!

London Tube

It was rush hour! Not cute!

Pie and mash at The Oxford Arms

I met up with a friend from high school for a food filled day (the best kind!) We were in Camden, so we first stopped at The Oxford Arms, mainly so we could dry off (it was pouring!) I will start by saying the mashed potatoes here in London are very meh, but the flakiness of the steak pie more than made up for it.

Camden Market

Then we went to Camden Market (duh!) There are so many food vendors here, and it was overwhelming in the best way.

La Raclette

Cheesy Potatoes at La Raclette

After making the hardest choice of my life, I finally decided which vendor to eat at. I chose La Raclette, and let me set the scene for you. A giant cheese wheel is heated up, and then the employee scrapes off a layer of the freshly melted cheese onto potatoes and garnishes it with chives. Then, it is served with pickles, pickled onions, and spicy sauce. It tastes as good as it looks, too.

Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown Doughnuts

Also, because I have no self-control, I got a doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts. Then, I got another doughnut because they were having a two for five sale. Boysenberry & Apple for here, and Matcha Tea for the road. The matcha one I totally forgot about until I was trying to fall asleep so it was a perfect midnight snack. Literally.

Sager + Wilde

Sager + Wilde Pasta

While I like to think of myself as the king of food, I’m also the king of finding a good deal! Pasta and a glass of white wine from Sager + Wilde for ten bucks? Yes, please. It was a little over salted, but bland food has been a real issue here so I’m not complaining.

Nosteagia Boxpark

Afterwards, I got some dessert at Nosteagia. I’m not going to lie, this is one of the worst food pun names I have ever seen. However, my passionfruit green tea was sweet and refreshing. Plus, I got to add those fun little exploding mango boba.

Chick n Sours

Chick n Sours K-Pop Sandwich

When perusing London’s best restaurants, I was surprised to see a place called Chick ‘n’ Sours on the list, as it seemed like a fast food restaurant. However, I decided I had to try it. I had a sandwich called the K-Pop, which was a Korean style crispy chicken thigh topped with spicy mayo, chili vinegar, and Asian slaw. FINALLY, London! Finally something with some flavor!


Udderlicious Berry Granola Froyo

Of course, I had to pop in to Udderlicious afterwards for some Berry Granola Fro-Yo. That sounds kind of healthy, right?

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