I’m an American…Get Me Out of Here!

Pedler Peckham

I have only about a month to go here, and, let me say, thank God. This has been fun and all, but I am absolutely aching to get back to Chicago. I would love to travel to London again, maybe in about five years, but I could never live here permanently. I miss my grid. I miss my city of neighborhoods. I really, really miss the CTA. I also miss my food spots. The thing about the Chicago dining scene is that because of both its diversity and high levels of competition, almost every place offers a unique perspective and very few menus are overt copycats. Here in London, it’s the exact opposite, which has been frustrating. Half the brunch menus I’ve seen have the exact same nine things on them.

Pedler Peckham

Take Pedler, for example. It’s a brunch hotspot within walking distance from where I live that has a pretty similar set of ย offerings as every other restaurant here. Avocado toast, a full English breakfast, a boring version of fruit pancakes all included. I was going to order something called ‘shrooms on toast which sounded interesting, but then the woman sitting next to me got that, and it consisted of these massive mushrooms on this thick slice of bread and looked impossible to eat. I also could’ve gotten a Sunday roast, which is a real thing here, but it sounded like a lot of meat, and I kind of chickened out. The waitress really tried to sell me on it, too. Instead, I got french toast with bacon, banana, peanut butter, and honey. It caught my eye because it reminded me of the Fat Elvis waffles at Little Goat back home, and I’ve been so homesick so it was a good choice. I really don’t like banana very much so I thought the banana would be sliced like on the waffles in Chicago, but there were like two full bananas on this thing. After enjoying a few bites of the banana, my taste buds hit their quota, but, after movingย most of it out of the way, this was actually one of the better brunches I’ve had in London.



After breakfast, I walked around the neighborhood a little bit listening to Christmas music. One thing I will miss about London is the abundance of street art.

Bel & Nev

I also went to an adorable cafe called Bel & Nev, which was a bit of a commute, but the coconut, almond and blueberry cake paired with a hot chocolate was a winning combination worth the trip.

Pierre Herme London

One day in between classes I treated myself to macarons from Pierre Hermรฉ. They had a caviar one that was tempting, but I stuck to two classics I knew I would like, praline and rose.

Junkyard Golf

I am now just one course away from playing all four courses at Junkyard Golf! I’m not sure what the official theme of the “Bruce” course was, but it contained dinosaurs, sharks, Jabba the Hut and Donald Trump so I’m going to guess…monsters?

Voodoo Ray's

Afterwards, I had pizza for the first time in weeks (because the pizza here is usually BAD!) and it was actually good! Thank you, Voodoo Ray’s, for having pizza with pineapple on it!

Fox on The Hill

It was also my friend’s birthday this past week, so we went to Fox on The Hill to celebrate! It’s steps from where I live and an official Weatherspoons (which is this weird company that has like a monopoly on pubs.) In addition to this salad, I also had ice cream to celebrate, but I forgot to take a picture because I’m a flop so you’ll have to use your imagination!

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