Artsy All Over!

Art in Shoreditch

First of all, I think this graffiti is grammatically incorrect. I think a crucial “A” was lost somewhere along the way. Furthermore, I think the sentiment is probably more applicable to what’s going on in the U.S. right now, but instead of nitpicking I’m just going to say that this is quite cool and an important message to keep in mind.

Shoreditch Street Art

Here is some more street art! Have I mentioned that I love street art? I don’t think this has a politically charged message, unless you really overanalyze it.

Shoreditch Architecture

I had a friend visiting me this past weekend, and he said: “isn’t London the city with the egg shaped building?” I said: “haha, no, that must be some other city I’ve never seen that here.” Then, as we’re walking down the street, guess what comes into view? Yep, the streetlight tried to block it, but there it is. I still couldn’t tell you its actual name or purpose.

Shoreditch Pond

While we were looking for street art, we also stumbled upon a cute pond! Look at all the fish!

Flat White at No 42 Coffee Junction

Then, we took a little study break at No 42 Coffee Junction. I had this flat white. It was fine.

Test Pattern Ryoji Ikeda 180 The Strand

180 The Strand has an insane art gallery that is constantly debuting extremely avant-garde exhibitions. When we went, they were showcasing “Test Pattern” by Ryoji Ikeda. It is basically a pitch black room with a bright white floor. Then, both visual and acoustic binary patterns are played in real time, turning the floor into a dynamic, bar code like surface. The photo doesn’t do the experience justice, and I can’t wait to go back.

Art at 180 The Strand

Art at 180 The Strand

Art at 180 The Strand

These were some of my other favorite pieces from the gallery, which at times feels like a museum and at other times like a warehouse. I might be in the minority here, but I prefer the more minimalistic pieces than the big spectacles.

On the roof is the final piece of art, a short documentary about the treatment of black people in America. It was poised and gripping and definitely left you with something to think about as you exited. Also, quite a nice view.

Burnt Toast Cafe

The next morning, I got brunch at Burnt Toast Cafe in Brixton. It’s located in a cute little indoor market, so you still kind of get the vibe of brunching on a patio, but it’s not freezing.

French Toast at Burnt Toast Cafe

One of the fun things about Burnt Toast is that they have toasters stationed between every few tables so you can toast your own toast. I was sitting right next to one of the toasters so I got a great view of the action, and thought about ordering toast except the toaster had these weird levers on them that I didn’t know how to work, and I didn’t want to look foolish. I got orange juice and the most delicious french toast with the freshest berries ever instead. London, why do you insist on putting honeycomb on everything? Honeycomb is like eating a block of sugar.

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  1. That egg shaped building, think pickle shaped. They call it the gherkin, due to its unique form. There was an explosion in the financial district in 1992, and the existing building was damaged and torn down. This architectural oddity was built in its place.

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