You know that scene in Finding Nemo where Dory frantically tries to sound out the word escape, only to pronounce it more like escapayyyy? Believe it or not, that’s where part of the inspiration for the title of this blog came from. I don’t use the word escapade often, but it always reminds me of that movie. As for the edible part, my love for restaurants and eating out came from the ninety minute commute I had in high school. To make the journey more bearable, I would separate it into smaller segments with a trip to a restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop in between. From there, a love of gastronomic exploration both around Chicago, my hometown, and other cities blossomed. Currently, I am a junior at Northwestern University majoring in English and minoring in Sociology. Outside of food and Chicago, my interests include community building and volunteering, reading long novels, playing tennis, and browsing social media.


This is Edgar the Egg! Edgar is the EE mascot, so you will see him pop up on the blog from time to time. Edgar was born in Montana, and now lives on the internet. Technology is wild.