It’s Over!!

Notting Hill

Did you miss me? Apologies for the lack of posting, but you didn’t miss much anyway. To get you caught up, study abroad is now over, and I am writing this from my bed back home in Chicago. This was a good experience that I think will seem even better with time, but I was quite homesick especially these last few weeks with seeing the finish line in sight. Thus, not enough was accomplished to write a new post every few days, but I did want to write one final piece to wrap things up. I’m not missing London, but I do wish its colorful homes in Notting Hill came with me!

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I’m an American…Get Me Out of Here!

Pedler Peckham

I have only about a month to go here, and, let me say, thank God. This has been fun and all, but I am absolutely aching to get back to Chicago. I would love to travel to London again, maybe in about five years, but I could never live here permanently. I miss my grid. I miss my city of neighborhoods. I really, really miss the CTA. I also miss my food spots. The thing about the Chicago dining scene is that because of both its diversity and high levels of competition, almost every place offers a unique perspective and very few menus are overt copycats. Here in London, it’s the exact opposite, which has been frustrating. Half the brunch menus I’ve seen have the exact same nine things on them.

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